Sunday School

Children's Sunday School  Classes

Birth to 4 years of age:
Nursery Staff:

Blake Hastings
Jamie Scott
Jackie Underwood

Pre K-Kindergarten
Meets at New Site

1st-2nd Grade
Meets at New Site


3rd-5th Grade
Meets at New Site


6th, 7th, 8th Grade
Meets at Historic Site


9th-12th grade
Meets at Historic Site


Adult Sunday School Classes

Meets at the New Site
Kathy Heard, teacher

Meets at the new Site
Ken Miles, Shelby Morris, teachers

Good News
Meets at the Historic Site
Penny Vaughan, teacher

New Spirits
Meets at the Historic Site
Cindy Kurzrock, teacher

Meets at the Historic Site
Buddy Peden and George Rembert, teachers

Meets at the Historic Site


About Our Adult Sunday School Classes
August is "Back to School month and we hope you will make it "Back to Sunday School month. Promotion for our children and youth is August 12, and as you bring your children and youth, we want you to know what adult classes are available:

At the New Site
Sojourners: The Sojourners are a group of busy working adults (in and out of the home) who want to learn more about the Bible and how to grow as Christians. We are presently studying The Will of God by Leslie Weatherhead with a workbook by Rebecca Laird. Studies are decided by the group when a study is completed.  

Boxley-Fellowship Class: We are doing an in-depth study of the Bible currently in Chapter 14 of Romans... Additional studies are chosen by the class. Our style is a combination of lecture/discussion with class members taking turns reading verses for discussion. All are encouraged to share comments. All are welcome..

At the Historic Site
Good News Class: The Good News Class is a lively discussion class that enjoys applying scripture to life.  This group is committed to growing as Disciples of Jesus Christ. Presently we are studying the Adult Bible Studies Series. Studies are chosen by the class based on prevailing needs and interest. Penny Vaughan is the teacher, and we invite you to visit a caring fellowship.

New Spirits: We are a small group with varied ages, married and single.  Our lessons are primarily planned as stand-alone, discussion and Bible based. This class is ideal for members who are not able to attend Sunday School regularly but want to be part of a small group. We have a couple of outside events”we do a shopping trip at Christmas for the Graceworks Manger and a Fall cookout.  

Joy Class: The Joy Class has primarily focused on Bible Study these last few years.  We are currently on both of Paul's letters to the Corinthians. Basically our format is informal discussion after reading the scripture passages straight from the Bible.  It often is very interesting to hear each other's interpretations of the scripture as well as the interpretation of various scholars.  Come join us ” the 2nd classroom on the left from the parlor.   

Hatcher Class: The Hatcher class meets in the church library at the Historic Site. This class uses the traditional Adult Bible Study Series from Cokesbury. They enjoy studying the scripture and share their views on how it applies to our lives.  

Each one of these classes is welcoming and would like to have you visit if you don't already have a class. It's important that you feel comfortable and enjoy the class, so if you visit and find it doesn't "suit your needs, try one of the others. We grow in our discipleship in small group settings, so help us find the right one for you.